The Power of Intention

Intentions are your point of focus. We can consciously choose them or we can exhibit them to the universe by how we focus ourselves and our energy. The quote you have all heard is “Where Intention flows, Energy goes.” However, where energy goes also decides intention for you. You have a choice. We look at life as a set of experiences. Things that happen to us, around us, for us.   We react to those circumstances or experiences in the moment .  Sometimes those reactions are anger and frustration when we feel we are wronged or delayed or derailed from our expected outcome and plan . Sometimes they are positive and sometimes neutral where we don’t even notice whats going on with any consciousness.  When we are reactive we can be in victim mode.  Frustrated at feeling not in control so we plan more and set expectations higher to try and attain control over ourselves and others only to then again be derailed and upset when things don’t turn out as we imagined.

Setting your intention is not setting  an expectation.  Its setting a mindset.  Life experiences are going to happen, you are choosing with your intentions how you will react.  By setting your intention you are taking responsibility for your actions, choosing your thoughts and emotions as things occur.   Its being in alignment with your words and truth.  Its owning your personal power by understanding what is in your control and what is not.

So how do you set an intention?  An intention can be a word, a statement or an affirmation, like an I AM statement.  Its something you say and feeling in your being as your truth for that day, week , year.  Its not an end goal, its a way of life.  If you set your intention with  your heart and mind aligned, things will manifest for your higher good.  It may not be the tangible goal or outcome you expected, that being said it will lead you to your unique life lessons and your higher good.

This site is to introspectively examine the ways in which we can reach our best and highest good.  I will share my personal learnings, stories and inspirations that hopefully will provide inspiration for others personal growth and set them on a path to their own truth.  This beautiful thing called life is now, and we are all connected.  This offers a way to authentically connect and the mission is to help us show up as our best selves.

Thank you for joining me and I welcome your comments!

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