I’m Every Woman

Some woman broke your heart, Or maybe three or four So you decide never again You can’t do it anymore So you won’t send a love song You won’t make a plan You won’t talk for too long You won’t let me in There’s no sharing friends I won’t meet the kids You won’t ask... Continue Reading →


Every day I wake again My thoughts they turn to you My eyes are tired I rise and shine Another thing to do I'll make my special coffee I'll sit and close my eyes I'll breathe a bit And listen to The questions that arise The stop light shines so bright Is it red or... Continue Reading →


The seed that falls out of the tree the rain that falls waters the seed the night that falls it cools the earth and sets the stage for another birth So all must fall so life can rise as we must have lows to feel the highs so to fall in love is to be... Continue Reading →

Always Enough

Your only promise Can be to check in tomorrowAnd that will always be enough Your only honest truth Can be that you are always scaredAnd that will always be enough Your only answer to the question Is that you don’t knowAnd that will always be enough Drift through and throughSwim in uncertainty Find your self... Continue Reading →


We want to ask, So just peak back to the time and space you did attach Decided when and where and how It was just right, or just right now When all that's wrong is held at bay we push aside what's in the way We suppress, repress Escape and hide Ignore the facts and... Continue Reading →


So gross is this worldOf flesh and boneBacteria and bloodVessels of stored beliefOf pain and pleasure,Which is just pain waiting to happenCrawl out from underThe weight on my heartThe confusion of my thoughtsThe deterioration of my bodyLeave it be It’s not the plotIt’s the spaceshipNot the pilotNor the destination Be open and connectMelt it down... Continue Reading →

I’ll always be

Today, I'm flying free My feet are off the ground Held in your gravity "What if" has now been found Where time stands still as ice And words betray our thoughts Our heads ask what is right Our hearts answer on the spot In that place the water flows A vista of what's real And... Continue Reading →

One Moment

There comes a moment That single point When a door slides open Where once was a wall. With wishes carved Sketches of a life imagined Painted with childlike innocence A picture of what it might mean to be free And now there is a space You can see through To choose to take that step... Continue Reading →

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