The ocean

The waves roll on to the shore like the thoughts roll through my head.
They flow in, then recede back in to the ocean
Sometimes they are calm and soft
Spreading silky smoothness
Over the landscape
Other times they are violently crashing
Leaving shattered debris on the shore
And pulling back and up to toss around life with its force

I am the observer and the recipient of the waves vibration
I can choose to let it knock me down
And carry me away
Or to just breathe in the fresh salt air
Allowing the moon to control the tides
Knowing the cycle will continue and none of it
Will last for long

The memories in the water reflect the history of the earth
The history of ourselves
The metaphor for expansion and contraction in all of us
The living energy rolling through us at all times
A miracle in every moment, a work of art in every drop.

You can move fast or move slow
You can feel any emotion you choose
And still you won’t control the ocean
So let it flow
Let it roll
Let it go

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