Seeing Big

Never underestimate the wisdom of children.  Their untainted explanations of the world can  bring lessons on what life was before we were told what it was supposed to be. Recently my seven year-old daughter randomly said, “I can’t believe my eyes are so small, but I see so big.”  This struck me as so simple... Continue Reading →

The Presence of Rainbows

I saw a rainbow today.  Actually I saw multiple rainbows.  As I was running errands there was this break in the clouds from the rain and the sunlight streamed through like arrows from heaven on the west, beaming in to the dark rain clouds to the east creating that beautiful refraction and dispersion of colors... Continue Reading →

The Power of Intention

Intentions are your point of focus. We can consciously choose them or we can exhibit them to the universe by how we focus ourselves and our energy. The quote you have all heard is "Where Intention flows, Energy goes." However, where energy goes also decides intention for you. You have a choice. We look at... Continue Reading →

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