The Presence of Rainbows

I saw a rainbow today.  Actually I saw multiple rainbows.  As I was running errands there was this break in the clouds from the rain and the sunlight streamed through like arrows from heaven on the west, beaming in to the dark rain clouds to the east creating that beautiful refraction and dispersion of colors to make a rainbow.  I was driving, but the sight just made me want to stop. I had to  pull over and capture the moment, take a picture, share it with someone.

What is it about rainbows that bring us in to the present moment?  I don’t know anyone of any creed, color or age that isn’t enamored by the site of those colors.  Even though its an easily explained scientific phenomena, there is something about seeing one that feels like a gift from the divine.  Its power is in creating the PAUSE.  Whatever you are doing, thinking, feeling, or hearing seems to stop for at least a moment as you stare at its rays.  You stop and maybe smile, and stare, wondering how long it will last. Maybe you make a wish, or see it as a sign of good fortune as if there really might be a pot of goal at the end. If you are fortunate to see the full semicircle arc of a rainbow or a double rainbow, you feel as if you have hit the spiritual lottery in that moment and there is a sense of wanting it to last for ever.

Rainbows are such a powerful force.  What other things can truly bring the pause, that takes you out of judgement, negative thinking, fear, hate, stress, even for just a minute. Is it the brevity of a rainbow, knowing it won’t last that causes us to savor it and appreciate the gift?   What if we could view our entire lives like we view a rainbow?  View it open minded, open hearted, see it as a beautiful thing to be observed with gratitude, knowing that its fleeting so pay attention now.

We talk of being in the present, letting go of the past, not worrying about the future.  We need more rainbows.   I am grateful for the sign and gift of beauty I received from it this week.  My intention is to find a rainbow every day.  In my children’s smiles, laughter with a friend, inspirational words, the flicker of a candle.  Moments to cause pause are everywhere.  Look for them and be in them.  It can change us all.

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