Losing your Voice

I have been busy.  Taking on learning and growing and living this life with intention.  For some reason that has also put my creativity for writing in the background.  Whether its because I am filling my mind with too many words and teachings by others, or just not connecting with the song in my heart... Continue Reading →


There is art locked in your heart And you still have the key It got left under a dusty mat That says “Act Responsibly” It’s the key forged from the rainbow You saw when you were three And the steps the ballerinas took As they danced with joyous glee Its made of memories of songs... Continue Reading →

". . .demonism and creativity are psychologically very close to each other. Nothing in the human psyche is more destructive than unrealized, unconscious creative impulses. . .When it is a question of a mass psychosis, nothing but new, creative conceptions, brought up from the depth, can stop the development toward a catastrophe." - C. G.... Continue Reading →

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