Losing your Voice

I have been busy.  Taking on learning and growing and living this life with intention.  For some reason that has also put my creativity for writing in the background.  Whether its because I am filling my mind with too many words and teachings by others, or just not connecting with the song in my heart in the same way I don’t know.  I miss my creativity and the way it sung to me out of the blue, inspired by a random experience, other words, a river of feelings.  I get scared it won’t be back, that this part of me that is fueled by writing is being taken over with a different agenda.  I am going to have faith its just timing, that I can get it back.  Even if I have to force the practice a bit.  Which is what this is.  It’s a relaunch of words just to get sounds in my head on paper.  To get in touch with my subconscious and unconscious thoughts.  So I will not wait until a poem floats like a butterfly’s wings through my body.  I will just write today in raw, unedited prose.

Ever feel like you’ve lost your voice?
I keep seeing so many words
So much wisdom
So much noise
What else is left to say?
When your mouth is dry
And your throat is sore
And your words feel muted
As they drown in a rushing river

How do you make them swim?
Let it flow , where it will go
Is the purpose to speak or be heard?
Which are we seeking?
To get the words out
Or get reaction to them?

What is it that we are truly trying to say?
Are we less when we are invisible
When everyone is trying to share space
In a mass media world?

My voice may be lost for now
And will be found by those guided to hear it
When I am ready to say
What needs to be heard from this soul
In this life
Never to worry, never to question
A flash in time to inspire,
Conspire with.
The purpose is found here.

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