The Flower

The beauty of a flower reflects me The perfection of every petal The awkwardness of its stem Extended down in to the earth Rooted in the dirt Holding tight While it sways in the wind The complexity of its system Made of water Essence Breathing out oxygen Sharing vital air with me. The flower holds... Continue Reading →

Dance with Me

I want to dance To share with you All the things music can do when you take my hand and twirl when you kick your feet you light the room you light the world you lighten all your load put it down and shake it off let go of you and find something pure there... Continue Reading →


Who are we when we are stressed? When we are not feeling our best Who is it that has hit the wall And one more punch will mean a fall? Do you know this person here? The one that talks when there is fear? In awareness can you be When pressure saps your energy? When... Continue Reading →

Full Moon

The full moon is upon us The energy it brings The intensity it carries To all the mundane things It’s time to pause and center And let go of regrets It’s time for deep reflection Releasing karmic debts Where have you been going? And what has then occurred? What are your connections? Where have you... Continue Reading →


Someday is a pleasant thought Full of anticipation The day you’ll find your happiness That you will find ascension The pouring rain will wash away The bitter and the cold The pain we’re trying to release The stories we once told Someday we’ll find the love we lost Inside of our own hearts The beauty... Continue Reading →

A Butterfly’s kiss

What if you knew it to be true That joy is not to be pursued That beauty is inside of you And all that’s you is in me too? What if you found that endless bliss Is nothing more that what is this That this is now not to be missed As sweet as a... Continue Reading →

When the student’s ready The teacher does appear And holds the sacred mirror To your pain and fear A doorway to the soul A pathway through the heart A teacher can say nothing Status quo is torn apart The stairway to be conscious Each step with guided hand Giving spiritual assignments To question and command... Continue Reading →


What type of content should I write What message should be sent? Can I impact through a poem, Will it express my true intent? Is the vibration of the words More important than the theme Does the reader have capacity to get what the words mean? With so much noise around us Another message lost... Continue Reading →


There is art locked in your heart And you still have the key It got left under a dusty mat That says “Act Responsibly” It’s the key forged from the rainbow You saw when you were three And the steps the ballerinas took As they danced with joyous glee Its made of memories of songs... Continue Reading →

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