Fill Your Own Cup

You can hold others energy
And what they hold as true
Defining your life the way they want you to
You can breathe in their breath and swim in their stream
You can wade in their cares
See your life as they see

You can wish to be them
And walk in their shoes
Thinking they have so much more than you do

You can think you are winning
by playing their game
Gaining power and wealth
and external fame

Until one day it comes
You are sitting at home
And you have all these things
But you feel alone

You have lots of theirs
But what does it mean
When at last they’re not there
And your left with the me

You can’t feel your light
From somebody’s lamp
You can’t feel you heart
You can’t do your dance

You can’t make wishes
For somebody’s dream
You must find your own
When you climb out of the stream

And the cold feels scary
It feels alone
When you don’t know what’s next
When you come in to your own

Then one day the sun shines
Pulls the light from within
And suddenly you realize
What’s there to begin

And the process of emptying
Others stuff from your cup
Creates space in your heart
To let it fill up

With love of oneself
So pure and so true
Love of the universe
Inside of you.


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