That Doesn’t Make Sense

Have you ever noticed our need to “make sense” of things? What does that even mean? Generally it signifies that we want what ever we are perceiving to fit snuggly in to our belief systems and they stand today. We may not have had exposure to something physically or intellectually and as a result what is going on or what we see, just doesn’t fit. People who need things to make sense in order to feel comfortable are often the most judgmental. Because we don’t understand something we judge it as wrong, bizarre, or worse with contempt or anger. Just the term “making sense” relates to what we perceive with our five sense. It’s a three dimensional viewpoint. We need to things to fit in to what our senses have come to understand through experience in this lifetime on a relatively physical plane in order to feel safe.
What doesn’t make sense is how we can call ourselves compassionate, yet limit that compassion to only those who we feel deserve it. How we can label someone as bad for doing something when we know one piece of a story, yet support a love one participating in the same action because its somehow justified. We don’t say we have double standards, while we draw lines in the sand all around us with fear and need for control as motivations. Its so easy to view yourself as unique and separate from everyone else, thinking no one understands what you are going through, when they are all going through their own things. There is no better or worse.
What makes sense is that we are all connected. That we are souls with bodies and we all are going through our own version of life. If we can find in our being the knowing that everyone deserves love, and has within them a light that is worthy of connecting with. What makes sense is having reverence for life itself, and all living things. Imagine if we all were on that plane where the ego would have no where to live. Then there would be no need to rationalize, or make sense of anything. So next time you utter or think the words “that doesn’t make sense,” maybe pause and think again. There may be more than meets the eye and what doesn’t fit in to your perceptions of right, may be better off exploring with curiosity, fostering growth instead of separation.


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