I’m Every Woman

Some woman broke your heart,
Or maybe three or four
So you decide never again
You can’t do it anymore

So you won’t send a love song
You won’t make a plan
You won’t talk for too long 
You won’t let me in

There’s no sharing friends
I won’t meet the kids
You won’t ask me over
No future will begin

I’m here cutting my fingers
On the sharpness of your scars
I’m bleeding out slowly
While you watch from afar

Maybe it’s my karma
That binds me to your soul
Trying to keep something alive 
When it’s clear that I should go

I’m not every woman
Yet to you we are all the same 
So protect yourself 
Don’t bend yourself
Pretend it’s just a game 

While the past stays present 
The present not received 
So hold the door shut tight 
and throw away the key 

Because I’m every woman
you can’t see another way
You’ll never see what’s real
Until it’s gone away

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