We want to ask,
So just peak back
to the time and space
you did attach
Decided when and where and how
It was just right, or just right now

When all that's wrong
is held at bay
we push aside
what's in the way
We suppress, repress
Escape and hide
Ignore the facts
and take our sides

So stop and breathe
It's not that deep
Whats in your head 
is from your feet
So see the view
through a different lens
Let go of wanting
to pretend

Don't judge the choice
to harshly though,
When its the only way 
we learn and grow
Another time
Another place
Open up
Create some space

To love again and never stop
Ride it up and feel the drop
the light will guide
you can let go
Its just a ride
so enjoy the show.

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