So gross is this world
Of flesh and bone
Bacteria and blood
Vessels of stored belief
Of pain and pleasure,
Which is just pain waiting to happen

Crawl out from under
The weight on my heart
The confusion of my thoughts
The deterioration of my body

Leave it be
It’s not the plot
It’s the spaceship
Not the pilot
Nor the destination

Be open and connect
Melt it down and build again
And again and again
Like a multidimensional puzzle
That creates infinite pictures
If you put it together in a new way

So change your mind
Play in the sand
And let the ocean wash it away
Nothing stays for long
Except our expectation that it should

Don’t cry for loss
What you think is real
Is fantasy
And what is real
Is fantastic
It only requires letting go

So I’m letting go
Letting go
Letting go

And maybe some day
Some life
I will have learned fully and finally
What it’s all for
And be at peace.

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