A love letter to myself

I wrote this yesterday. It was a love letter to myself with words I needed to hear. I wasn't going to post- it was too raw, to out of context, too much.  Then I laughed because that's all a contradiction. So posting now to release my fears and live my intention toward my own growth... Continue Reading →


When will it be That I will see Everything I’m meant to be Where every turn Is said to lead Where ego can no longer feed The questioning mind Is a formidable foe With the stories it creates The fictional thoughts The emotional strife To which consensus can relate The door is cracked The path... Continue Reading →

I Will Not Be Afraid

I will not be afraid Of surrendering control Of writing my own truth Of connecting with my soul   I will not be afraid Of what I should release Of disappointing others Of approaching inner peace   I will not be afraid Of letting it all go Of judgement from the world Of realizing what... Continue Reading →


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