The Waters of Life

The waters of life rush through my heart

With every breath and beat they flow

No stillness in the body

No pausing of the soul

It flows it flows

Sometimes I think I can stop the flow

The ride is too fast

The change too great

And this just causes pain

The river running through

Is a wild and rushing rapid

That’s takes down all in its wake

It thrashed me on the rocks

And floods my lungs and thoughts

My ego begs for mercy

As it tumbles and is wore away

And the water lives

It is not me

It is the essence that flows through me

It is the rain and earth and particles of all that is

It is quantum energy

And family traumas

It’s the recordings of the past

And possibilities of the future

Our only job is to let it flow

To not resist

To learn to float

To swim

To breathe

This ride leads to an ocean of awareness

Where all the rivers eventually lead

The great blending

The greatest love

We try to swim upstream

But you can’t reverse the circulation

We never really go backwards

We only have moments of ignoring

Which is ignorance

Moments of perceived drowning

Which is fear

Moments of fighting so hard against the current

Which is anger and hate

And moments of missing what we left behind

Which is sadness

You are in flow


And nothing in it is wrong

Nothing in it is right

It just is

And only love can carry us through it in peace.

Relax the heart, and learn to surf

And find yourself here.

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