If we are choosing to operate through love

Then fear can not have a voice

Our truth can not be clouded

Our anxiety can not close our hearts

If we choose love

We choose to show up

With courage

Even to say we need silence

We need space

Even to say I’m suffering

And I don’t know why

If we choose love we don’t assume

Or project

Or wait to be told.

We feel what we feel

We take the signs

And we explore it’s meaning

In the moment

Not rationally,


If we choose to live through love

We let go of time

Or need or the past

And the projected future

There is no peace there

The only peace to be found is now

Only through the lens of love

Will we see it

Will we hear it

Will we let it in

If we choose love we break down the walls

With a sledgehammer

Willing to bleed to release the pain

That we held for so long

We thought it was keeping us safe

When we choose love

We choose the only truth there is

Of our souls intent

To connect with something beyond

To let go the body mind

And see only the light can hold all of this

And only surrendering it all will bring the answer

God help me choose today

Release my fears

My projections

My pain

Give me air to breathe

Water to drink

So nourished I can bloom

And shed beauty and light

Into being.

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