A New Day

When the dawn comes And the new light of a new day enters What will we see? Reflections of the past Or possibilities of the future Or allow in the illumination Of the here and now Of the truth we don’t want to bear Because our minds would judge to harshly Our hearts would weep... Continue Reading →

The Waters of Life

The waters of life rush through my heart With every breath and beat they flow No stillness in the body No pausing of the soul It flows it flows Sometimes I think I can stop the flow The ride is too fast The change too great And this just causes pain The river running through... Continue Reading →

Why Self Care Matters

We often associate self-care with self-indulgence.  We think its separating ourselves from our day to day responsibilities that weigh us down or from our relationships or children for a much needed “break.”  While there are times when taking time to be alone or take a mental break or vacation are extremely important to our well... Continue Reading →

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