A New Day

When the dawn comes

And the new light of a new day enters

What will we see?

Reflections of the past

Or possibilities of the future

Or allow in the illumination

Of the here and now

Of the truth we don’t want to bear

Because our minds would judge to harshly

Our hearts would weep to loudly

Our feet would run in fear

Our bodies might collapse under the weight of our world

Or we might see that these bodies, this mind

Isn’t meant to bear it all

Not alone

Only to accept it

See it

Learn it

Surrender it

As for help

Receive help

And relieve control

Release time

Be a raindrop on the ocean of awareness

Release fear of getting lost

We are everything

And we are nothing

To hold both is to find peace

Hold steady in the light my friend

Embrace it all

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