Gratitude as the best intention

I love Thanksgiving.  Not for the meal or the day off work.  I love that for at least one day in our country we agreed to live with an intention of gratitude.  Gratitude for what we have can create an energy that is life changing.  If we can pause and notice what is, and notice the level of abundance we have now, we can actually experience life.  We don’t have to focus on what we are hoping for the future, or what has been in the past.  Its about this moment, which is where living takes place.  When we bring our focus to understanding how connected we are to all that is, when we take a moment to stop fighting, miracles can happen.

We have so much abundance in this country and yet we focus on the lack.  Turn off your TVs, silence your phones.  Black Friday does not need to start today.  Its Thursday and a day to pause and give thanks.  Let the love and light in today and breathe.  You have everything you need in this moment.

Grateful to all of you for reading.  Love and blessings to all!


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