Are we listening?

When you hear the information
About the planet, about your nation
Do you focus on the facts, or on the explanation
Do we hear what’s being said
Or hear what it all means
Do we focus on where we are going
Or more on where we’ve been?

Do we project we know the path
That can only be informed
By the destruction of the past
By society and its norms?

When our eyes are really closed
And our ears shut out the truth
That we are using up the planet
And handing it to our youth

We blame the other guy
The institution and its rules
As if its not just made of humans
That we didn’t build the schools

The schools of fish that teach us all
That this is the water that we swim
That we cannot breathe outside it
Only keep the fight within

Its up to us to take a chance
And rise above the surface
To teach our lungs to breath the air
To find another purpose

To look down upon the ocean
See the world for what it is
And that its time to really listen
To learn how we’re meant to live

To evolve beyond the past
To love and care for all
Its time to really see
Time to hear the call.

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