If this week was your last

I listened to a story today about a man that lost his girlfriend to cystic fibrosis. It was a touching story and one that forces you in to awareness. The awareness that we think we always have more time. More time to do the things we always wanted. To travel, to write a book, to... Continue Reading →

More Noticing Less Notifications

Sounds all around the noise almost is unbearable with notifications and bells and videos .  Everyone is looking down and all of a sudden I’ve had enough.  I walk out.  I shut my phone off, done with looking at texts to see if those bubbles are there pending a response, wondering what the response will... Continue Reading →

What is Time?

What is Time? A gift or a curse? Time is  a thing that we try to control That we let control us Though it’s not the clock that’s the enemy It the rush of our thoughts It’s the feeling of life running out, Of not being where we need to be Physically , emotionally, spiritually.... Continue Reading →


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