Waking up

When you wake up in the morning
That moment that arrives
Where you body and mind open
Even before your eyes

And the inner world of last nights dreams
The thoughts of yesterday
Or maybe 10 years ago it seems
Come flowing in to play

What day is it today again?
When do I have to rise?
As I catalog my have tos
Have I noticed that I’m alive?

The focus forward
My aching back
Let out a defeated sigh
When did my body get so old?
And why am I surprised?

I guess it’s time
To start the clock
Do you smile at the thought?
Do you give a breath of gratitude
Or wish it all would stop?

Whatever that comes at you
As you enter in this day
Before your eyes can focus
And your thoughts take you astray

Remember this, that those first thoughts
Are reflecting what you feel
And what you see when those eyes open
Are beliefs that they are real

So choose those thoughts with so much care
And feel the joy and light
And you’ll find that what you wake to see
Reflects a different life.

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