Keeping up

Do you ever feel like you can't keep up?
Like the world has sped up
And you turn your head and whoosh…
Another day
Another dollar
Another night
Another bother
And it spins and circles
And faster it moves
As our legs start to give out
As our minds we start to lose
Manage money,
Manage kids
Manage house
Manage friends
Manage spouse
Manage jobs
Strive for more
Keeping score…
Time is an illusion.
The past is always present
The future that we fear
Is the now projected in it
And the choices that we make
While we are running from our past
To feel safe about our future
Where we will arrive at last.
The always then
Someday when
The if then that, the buts
Our minds and all their stories
Falling down and getting up
Falling down and getting up
Always running, more for me
All this keeping up
Has left us nowhere to just be.

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