The scariest dragons are the ones you don’t see
The ones of control and uncertainty
They will keep you in fear
And threaten your death
They will trick you, distract you
Shield truths of what’s best

These dragons wear masks to hide in plain site
They convince you they’re safe
So you let them inside
Yet once they are there they will eat at your heart
They will burn up your will
They will tear you apart

Don’t be afraid, there’s a secret to share
To slay these great beasts
To be more aware
Its not what you think
Because the dragons wear masks
And taking it off you will know what to ask

Who is it that’s scared, and distracted and lost?
Who is it that let in this dragon as boss?
Find the one who allowed
The fear to creep in
To see its not you
That’s where you begin

The parts of your being

That look for the shadows
That hide from the dragon
Stay stuck in the shallows

These parts they are small
A child still really
That wants to be loved
Can’t see the truth fully.

So go deep inside and see what it is
The mask and the costume
Where this dragon lives
And know its not real
Just misunderstood
Just seeking its safety
And thinking that’s good.

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