The Spark

Is there any thing more beautiful
Than the moment you find within
That spark of light that feels so right
To allow inspiration in
And in that moment
You realize, a little piece of truth
And gratitude comes pouring out
a rekindling of  youth
That takes you back to a time
You didn’t have a care
That your days were filled with wonder
Exploring what's above and  oh my gosh, what's under there?
And to play in space without the rules
It's wide and deep and blue
And it’s an adventure of a lifetime
So run and skip and play...Its all there is to do
And your learning every moment
Whether you realize or not
And when you close your eyes and breathe
You can connect with what you’ve got
The universe, the possibility
That lives inside of you
The potential that you have inside
to create something completely new

It always was , and ever is
Since the moment you were born
The spark of pure awareness
Before you latched to form
So release all of your attachment
To what you think life is
And go back to that place within
To see what it means to truly live.

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