Rise Above

My hands are soft

My heart yields

the breeze of morning 

brushes the hair from my face.

I reach out for you

with humble grace 

Do you hear me?

No noise can call in with any force

that which is meant for us

this cosmic dance

is a movement of steps, a flow

we resist and trip over our own feet.
I offer my hand to be pulled up again

Teach me, teach me

how to dance Great Spirit

Shine your light 

that I may be buoyant

and free from these chains
Let me spread these wings 

and learn to fly.

Not fly away, just above it all

to get a bird's eye view of life

understand the bigger picture

where the messy moments become so clear.
Give me breathing space

so I may drink of your sacred waters,

receive all being offered fully

No pain is for nothing 

No pleasure is permanent.

Rise above, rise above.

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