Living heart centered

As a new year starts, it’s amazing to see the intention setting, the challenging of limiting beliefs, the strategies for meeting goals the renewed sense of purpose, determination, resolve to change our lives in the way we think will make them better.

The problem is that intentions and goals are only as good for as long as you keep the focus on them.  We do great for a while then we get well… distracted.  In the US the average attention span as reported by Time Magazine in 2016 is only 8 seconds.  That’s less than a goldfish, which beats us at 9 seconds.  In fact, if you are still reading this, without thinking about something else, congrats!  You are better than average! We carry around distraction devices with us full time afraid we might miss something more important that what we are doing now.  Does anyone see a problem here?

Whether at work or at home, there are expectations that if you reach out to someone, they will respond…. Quickly.   If they don’t?  They are slacking, they don’t care, they aren’t making their job, girlfriend, family member, spouse, child a priority, right?    Everything has become a priority.  And its literally killing us.  I talk to colleagues about meditation and they call me a hippie.  Sitting still without TV or noise or distraction is a foreign, preposterous concept to some.  To others, they recognize the potential benefits, but claim it’s too “hard.”  We are addicted to thinking, to knowing, to  being needed, to reacting.  By addiction I mean anything someone can not decided not to do.  Read that again.  Something you can’t not do.  Stay with me.  We have become such a slave to our thoughts that they control us and give us pain and perspectives that aren’t real.  They compare us to others.  They blame others, they project guilt, shame, negativity, misinterpretations, and miscommunications.  We think so loudly we can’t hear.

A six year-old recently told me this riddle “Imagine.. just imagine, you are in a box surrounded by sharks.  What do you do?”  Most people work to think of elaborate escape strategies or some other tactic to not get eaten or by just drowning in the box instead.

The answer?  Stop imagining.

So simple.  If we can slow our thoughts.  Realize they are all just stories and not necessarily truths, we can make change. Real, lasting change.  So the best intention this year may not be doing something more or new or challenging.  Maybe its just to slow down enough to  breathe.  To see what’s there.  To look at these thoughts and patterns and distractions for what they are – the things in between you and your authentic self.

There is an alternative.  Instead of living in your head, listen to your heart.  Be with yourself.  See what’s there, work through your pain, don’t avoid it.  Go easy on others as well and see them for their hearts.  The possibility this creates to change the world by doing this one thing is endless.  And it starts with you.

Much love to you in 2019!

For every night
There is a dawn
The former pain
Will soon be gone
Forgotten soon
It wont be long
Until another day

The light that falls
Upon your face
Gives hope that calls
A saving grace
There is no then
There is no when
A chance for only now

A whispered sign
Blows in the wind
The light divine
That’s found within
You’ll know the truth
That’s in your heart
If you dare to look

so let it be
accept the gift
Asks only this
Where is your strength
Where is your faith
Alas, where is your heart?

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